Beach Retreats
Activities in Orlando, FL
Befriend Japanese students visiting us and share the love of Christ 

Our beach retreats are limited to students in the Orlando area (those outside of Orlando, see Mission Retreat) and coincide with the spring and summer breaks of UCF and other Orlando college schedules.


American Christian college students (ages 17 ~ 24) are needed to befriend our Japanese students when they come to the U.S. (Orlando, FL).  Mission To Japan is looking for godly, mature and outgoing Christian students who will join our Japanese students for outings and retreats.  Our Japanese college student guests love making friends with American students around their own age, and they are curious about our beliefs and lifestyle.  Check the "Homestay Schedule" and find out where and when our Japanese students are coming.  Then join us as much as you can. If it's your first time, we ask that you fill out a simple application. 

Student Retreat at Cocoa Beach:  American students will especially want to join our 5 day/4 night retreat in Cocoa Beach. We usually have 10 ~ 20 Japanese students and need at least 10 ~ 20 American students too.  Most of the Japanese students have recently come to the U.S. for the first time. They’re staying in Orlando for about 3 ~ 4 weeks with Christian host families. The beach retreat is one exciting part of their stay. Activities at the retreat include fun group games on the beach and in our meeting hall, music, dancing, sharing one-on-one about our beliefs, cooking, eating together, prayer time, and just hanging out. Most of the Japanese students are not Christians but are curious about what we believe. This gives us a great opportunity to share about our beliefs and faith, while making new friends among both Japanese and other American students.

When is it?  Every year the student retreat at the beach (usually Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach) is held during UCF's Spring Break (around the first or second week in March) and in August (around the first or second week in August).


2022 Cocoa Beach Retreat Dates:  

Spring Break: Monday March 7 ~ Friday March 11, 2022 

Summer:  Monday August 15 ~ Friday 19, 2022 


The cost is only $250 for each retreat. Often there are scholarship funds available. This fee  covers the retreat costs, four nights/five days at the hotel and 4 dinners.  You'll need about $30 for lunch and breakfast.  Each room of three or four roommates will go grocery shopping and split the cost of groceries (rooms have kitchenettes). There are usually four students per hotel room (usually two Japanese students and two American students) and we'll stay at a hotel on or very near the beach.  Not only will you be able to share your faith with Japanese students, but you'll make some great friends with the Japanese students and other American Christian students too. 

Email us for an application at:



Videos below: American students share about their experience on Mission To Japan's beach retreat.

Faith's selfie with group on beach March