Mission to japan

Since 1993 Mission To Japan has been bringing the good news of the gospel to Japan through "homestay" programs in Orlando, FL and through summer mission trips to Japan for college and high school students. The homestay program allows Japanese students (usually ages 17 - 22) to come to the U.S. and stay with a Christian host family (usually for two to four weeks). Our homestay program is administered under the name Homestay International in Japan. The main location in the U.S. for the homestay program is Orlando, Florida. Mission To Japan provides English and Bible classes, sightseeing, and program activities for students during the day so that host families who work or are busy during the day can still be involved. By building a relationship with a student from Japan, host families are also able to share about who they are as Christians and what they believe.  Many Japanese students are impressed with the love and kindness of their host families and want to learn more about the Christian faith. 


One important way that churches in the U.S. and American families can be a part of the mission work in Japan, without leaving their home, is to host a student from Japan short term.  See "Host a Student" in the menu for more information.